Monday, June 3, 2013

Turning Fifty in Beaufort

(Also known as: "trying to get a decent photo of us")
Adam took me to Beaufort for my birthday date. That means we crossed the Neuse River on the ferry, which is always romantic.  Then he took me to the beach because he knows I love it so. And I tried for a good "couple head shot." Not too bad. We're both smiling and we don't look mad.
The beach was rather full for 5:00. Beautiful day.
This time I wanted some ocean behind us. I often look confused in photos like this. I get a little scowl.
Adam loathes sand. He does not go to the beach. That's why this particular jaunt was a true sacrifice of love for him, toward me. He says sand gets into everything, especially socks and shoes and between toes. He rolled up his pantlegs.
The jetty is pretty.
Bad head shot. The sun makes Adam squint and scowl.
My handsome husband with his toes in sand. This does not happen often and merits a photo.
I like toes in sand. We joke that Adam has hobbit-like feet. Anna took me to get a pedicure on Friday, so my toes are lookin' great!!
We drove from the beach to Beaufort and ate dinner at The Spouter Inn, a great restaurant with a deck right on the water. Beaufort is a busy harbor. I took a picture of Adam. He's so patient with me.
Then he took a picture of me. And he didn't say, "smile more," or "suck in your gut, honey" or "sit up straight so you don't look so fat." Nosiree, he's a good husband and a smart man, and he just let me look like that - hahaha!!
We watched boats go by, all kinds of boats. This is a touristy water taxi that takes people out by the island where the wild ponies are and shows them the sights for way too much cash.
Here's a big catamaran. They were having a party on board, I think.
We turned our attention to the meal. I ordered some bruscetta because the lady next to us had some and it looks oh-so-yummy.
And it was. This lovely pot hung behind me:
I finally decided on one of their salads for my meal. This is warm goat cheese, I think encrusted in parmesan cheese. Caramelized walnuts are hiding in there, lots of them. The dressing was lovely. And I had some grilled shrimp around the edge. Perfection! I would eat this again (and again and again). The cheese was excellent, and those walnuts -- oh my! Really, really good.
Adam ordered a prime rib. He's counting every calorie now and keeping track of every mouthful on an "app" on his iPad. He says if he can turn his weight loss into an OCD kind of thing, it'll work for him :) He didn't eat the potatoes, and only some of the veggies. He'd saved calories for this special meal.
I pulled him closer to me, out of the sun, and tried for yet more head shots.
#2. See that puzzled look?
#3. But if I lower my head I get the chin roll. Sheesh.
Now here's a touring boat for you! Adam said, "Look! The African Queen!" It reminds me more of the boat Hercule Poirot was on, in Death on the Nile. Packed with people on top, looking at us. While we looked at them. Considering my goat cheese, I think I had the better arrangement.
After dinner we strolled along Beaufort's boardwalk. Talk about people-watching! It's a lively place, but nice. We found a bench to relax on.
And waited for the sunset. We caught the 9:15 ferry home. And I turned fifty in Beaufort with the love of my life and the most interesting person I know.


  1. you two love birds. That's wonderful to spend this great day with your 'man'! I'm glad Adam 'sort of' enjoyed the sand for your sake. How far is this place from Oriental? Glad you enjoyed and had a nice 'slide' into 50! Liz

  2. What a beautiful birthday excursion! That salad and bruschetta both look delicious. And you and your husband do look great. I have the same issues trying to get good photographs, but I think it's important to have some pictures together too. So far the selfie headshots I have liked the best are taken from slightly above.

  3. I live Beaufort, and used to enjoy eating at Capt. Bill's. Jealous...and btw, you look so pretty with the sun on your face.

  4. You are so cute, MK! All of the photos convey great love and joy. Fifty is good.
    I can almost smell that beach! What a sweet evening you had!

  5. Happy birthday! What a wonderful looking outing and I agree that you look beautiful and you make a very sweet couple. The food looks FABULOUS! What a wonderful way to celebrate. Sigh.

  6. Y'all are so kind! Thanks for your sweet words. It was a stellar date. And I'm still thinking about that goat cheese and walnuts. I might have to experiment with duplicating that at home.

  7. "We're both smiling, and we don't look mad." Oh dear, you had me giggling. What a cute post, and happy birthday to you! I have a tiny birthday post too in the works, and we took 3 pictures total - none with my husband in them!

  8. Happy 50th birthday...I love the freedom to accept and and laugh at oneself you have's a lovely gift!


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