Sunday, June 30, 2013

What's Wrong With My Blog --

Hi friends --
 YET MORE UPDATE (for anyone who's still reading):
We've learned a lot in the past two days. I finally just canceled my "Legacy Plan" with Google, for which we were paying each month. It seemed ridiculous; I was paying for 25 GB of space. All my Google storage only added up to 8.09 GB. Why was I paying? I have no idea. Adam signed us up for some storage a few years ago, b/c back then, I evidently needed it. Sometime in the past few months, Google upped the charge to a monthly fee. But with the addition of Google+ (which I've signed up for), I have lots of free space. As long as each photo I upload now is under 2048 x 2048 pixels, I can have as many photos as I like. Since Picassa and Google + are both with Google, my pictures are all stores in both places already. I was still looking for photos that were over the limit, but found few in my albums that were too large. Not sure exactly why I somehow went over my allotted amount a few years back. I suppose back then they must've had a more restrictive minimum free storage amount. Hopefully, since I'm still well under the automatic free storage (16GB of space), I should be fine. I hope everyone can now see the photos. Everyone in our house can see them fine. Perhaps all this info will be helpful to others also? I hope so.

MORE UPDATE: It's my fault. hahaha :) When I was over in Picassaweb snooping around (well, waiting impatiently while resizing photos), I decided to change my privacy settings there. I'm so used to be paranoid about privacy settings on Facebook, that I reset ALL my privacy settings on Picassaweb to "only me." Little did I know that I was telling Google to ONLY ALLOW ME to see the photos on my blog. Goodness! That's what happens when  technological idiot tries to interfere with such things. I hope all is well, when you view my blog. If any of you still have the green squares with the bar across, leave a comment and let me know. Otherwise I'll assume I've repaired the damage I did. 

UPDATE: Well, Philip says he didn't so anything to my blog or my photos last night after I went to bed. So ... that means that after I went on Picassaweb yesterday and simply resized 30 photos, for some reason Picassaweb decided to blank out, or disconnect, the photos for my blog. Great. What's up with that? Today I'll spend some time trying to figure out what happened, and trying to fix it.

Still, I'm left afterward with the initial problem:  how can I reduce my storage size on Picassaweb so I don't have to pay for it every month? I may, in the end, have to go back and simply delete photos from my blog from the early years, since probably no one is looking at old photos of my vacuum cleaner, or my swimming pool, or my dinner the previous night :) Wish me luck!

Several have expressed concern over the photo issue on my blog this morning. No, it's not a virus :) I asked my son Philip to look into the photo situation for my blog. Picassaweb (the storage site for blogspot photos) has started charging us each month for storage, and we needed to reduce our "storage footprint" over there. It was simply too laborious for me to go into each photo individually (for 7 years of blogging!!!) and resize each photo. So Philip was trying to find a way to resize the photos in groups. I'm not sure what he did in the wee hours last night, but you see the result. I'm hoping he has a plan to correct it all and restore my photos to their proper places. My laptop is loading some of the photos, but not all. Adam's ipad is loading none of them.

This is an issue Angela, over at Collected Yarns, first started talking about, and I realized I needed to address it. I'll keep you posted!


  1. MK, still no joy. How about keeping your photos on an external hard drive and then uploading as needed?

  2. Oh no! I think it's worth it to buy storage. You'll get it all straightened out.

  3. So sorry to cause havoc for you! It looks like you have straightened it out, and we have learned one more thing about picasaweb:)

  4. Nor sure if you still want to know, but I can see them. I have a friend who overloaded her Blogger photo allowance and ended up using Flickr. I store my backgrounds at Photobucket, but with both, not sure how much free space you're allowed. I refuse to pay for it myself.

    Sounds like you have it in hand, though. :)


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