Monday, June 3, 2013

More Busyness ~

Like I said, it was a busy few days. Part of that busyness is the farmers market each Saturday morning, but it's so much fun, I don't mind the busyness. Look what my buddy and fellow-vendor brought to sell this week!
Her yard is just bursting with Asiatic lilies and gladiolas. It was fun to see which people succumbed to their siren call and walked away with a few stalks of color to brighten their day.
This lady comes by regularly. She brought her little friend ~
She's a "Chinese Crested," and a shy one at that!
I took a couple of photos of my soap, just because. I'm making oatmeal soap now too.
When you make a bowl of oatmeal and let some of it sit, a gelatinous goo forms. Oatmeal does this when it is combined with water. That gel is the component in oatmeal that is so good for your skin; it moisturizes the skin.
My gardening friend gifted me with a flower arrangement to take home for my birthday -- I was so pleased!
Another important piece of busyness yesterday was taking Anna to her summer job at Camp Seafarer. She'll be working in their Arts and Crafts. She was pretty nervous, going to a large new place with all strangers. This building will be her "work" place for the summer, with a few canoes and a mighty river just outside the door.
"Creative Arts" it says. Right up Anna's line.
When she steps outside the building, this is the view. She can watch her campers struggle in their sunfish while she has fun with tie-dye, pottery, and other things.
Later, I'll share with you my birthday date with Adam :)

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