Sunday, June 16, 2013


It's Father's Day. I have a wonderful daddy. He is a godly man, devoted to the Lord and His work and kingdom, hard-working and dependable (as the men of his generation tend to be). He expected a lot of us kids, and we knew we could also depend on him always to keep his word, always to help us, always to encourage us to do what was right. Here's a great photo of him from a couple of years ago. He's rather photogenic!
Here he is, a few years before. I think this photo was taken after he married when he was in his late 20s.
My daddy was one of four children. Here he is with his father, my grandfather. I did not know him well. Unfortunately he did not lead his family well, struggling with alcohol as many men did back then. I think my daddy determined as a young man to lead a more honorable life and be sure to keep his family together. He succeeded.
Another granddaddy -- here's Ernest, my mother's daddy. He was hard-working also, staying at Union Carbide Corporation for (I think) his entire working life. He adored my mother, and she adored him.
Well now, back to my daddy. Here we are, larking it up at the Camp Westminster pool in the summertime. My daddy was often a clown and loved jokes, watching shows like Red Skelton, and being silly. We traveled in the car in the summer, packed to the gills, singing silly songs over and over. "Dinah, won't you blow, Dinah, won't you blow, Dinah, won't you blow your hor--hor--horn!!!" And more of the same.
My daddy was an elder in the Presbyterian church for many years. We were faithfully, weekly, in church as a family. This photo was taken before our family moved from West Virginia. I'm the only girl, the baby, and about 4 years old.
Speaking of family photos, here's another remarkable father I happen to know -- my husband, Adam. This was a church directory picture, taken when I was pregnant with Peter, sometime in 1993. I'm sure I gave him that terrible haircut!
A few years later, in 2001 perhaps, a church photo taken in Iowa. I'm a few pounds heavier, and Adam's hair is graying. These were those exhausting parenting years. We were younger and more energetic, and I can say honestly I'm glad those years are behind me, simply because I could never, ever do all that parenting work now! How thankful I was (and am) to have Adam, who is a loving and considerate husband and father. He's done his best to guide the kids gently and thoughtfully, and set them an example to follow in life. Together we tackled those hard-working years and finished well.
My daddy was once a young man. This is his high school picture. Very handsome, I think.  When I look at photos of young people I wonder if they have any concept of the decades ahead of them. I read recently that 90% of your future happiness depends on one decision:  whom you choose to marry. So choose well! Choose someone you long to raise a passel of rebellious, ornery children with for decades. That's a tall order!
Parenting! In one rash moment of passion, a young man can sign on for a relationship that will last until his dying day -- with a woman, and with the child then make together. It takes a real man to be a good father. I'm so thankful to have both a great daddy myself, and a great husband to my children. Here's to the real daddies of the world who pour their lives into their children!


  1. What a wonderful tribute to fatherhood in general and the fathers in your life in particular.

    And what precious photo you have shared...

    You capture the essence of seasons in life...the wearing down, the plumping up and yet...the peace and the renewal. Here's to a lovely new season to you and your husband...take good care of yourselves for the young and up and coming need sages of faith more than ever.

  2. Your Daddy looks like quite the charmer with a lovely sense of humor. Loved these photos and a glimpse into your family, wishes all 'round.

  3. I think you favor your dad...and he was/is very handsome. :)

  4. You are so right: "choose someone you long to raise a passel of rebellious, ornery children with for decades". That gave me a laugh because it's so true:) Love your pictures!


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