Friday, June 7, 2013

Julia Draws Again, Plus a Tangent ...

I've been happy to see Julia sketching again. It was prompted by her purchase of a new book in town, Elantris by Brandon Sanderson.
She loves this book ... except the cover. She thought it was just another boring "enchanted, sci-fi thriller" cover. Bleh. So she made her own cover. She worked on it for two days.
She wanted a cover that truly reflected the tone of the book. I haven't read it, so I don't know. She was very pleased with the pen drawing. I like it too. I forget how good she is until I see drawings by other people (namely, myself) and I remember she has a gift. She has the picture in her mind. When I take pencil in hand over blank paper, I find myself at a loss for what to do. I never get perspective, nor proportion.
Here's Mr. Sanderson's usual cover. It's not shabby or cheesy -- just not good enough for Julia's current favorite book!
On an unrelated note, and harking back to the Hidden Art discussion of table settings and general table beauty, here's a random photo of our dining table a few days ago, untidied. I mean, it's not so horrid that you can't see the tablecloth. But much detritus lies there.
I gathered all the Things That Ought Not Be On The Table, in one place. Ugh. Then I promptly sent them packing! "Children! Come get your STUFF!!"
Confession time: I have yet to make a new centerpiece for the table. (Shame on me.) We have a Lazy Susan in the center, with all manner of "table necessities" on it, and a Yankee Candle (with a matching glass shade) in the middle (which I never light, of course). Perhaps worse than no centerpiece is having an old tired centerpiece that you never use or notice. The candle is no longer a communication of beauty because it's unnoticed. It's unnoticed because it's not special. Which makes me wonder:  If we had a Tiffany vase spilling with perfect red roses there every day, would one simple daisy communicate more love to my family, merely because it was a change from the norm of decadent beauty? I don't know. If the goal is to communicate caring and love, and the family doesn't really receive (i.e., notice) the communication, is it still worth it? I asked this question back in Hidden Art chapter one. Is beauty for its own sake, or for the purpose of communicating to someone else?


  1. Maybe you cold have a little basket that to collect the "gizzmology" that floats to the table...then you could just pick it all up at once when you want to change the mood for a meal... It seems like the table is also an important creative spot...that is a good thing.

  2. MK, our table is so many things to so many people in the course of just one day that I think this beautiful beauty concept is too far off the mark. I do find our table beautiful, but only in its versatility and water marks and sturdy patience and scratches!

  3. First off, Julia's drawing is exceptional. I thought it was the book's real cover until I read on. Her perspective is spot on. Wow! Please tell her how wonderful it looks to me. Beautiful.

    And about your table, I can relate. After I read your post about your dining table, I got to work clearing mine. I have a shabby chic sort of tray our Anna gave me a couple of years ago, and put napkins, a jar of forks/spoons, salt and pepper and such on it. I cut some big begonia cuttings and put them into a large white pitcher for focus. Seems if I have something tall on the table, that works on drawing my eye away from the necessary clutter.

    Thanks for the kick in the pants. :) 'Course it's messy a bit again, but tomorrow will clear it up once more.

  4. Very good points, M.K.
    We have three tables and table-like surfaces in our big room that is a dining room, and the two of us always eat at the small one. I rarely get the other two cleared off, but before every dinner I move all the accumulated clutter to one of the other surfaces. Rarely I remember to add a vase of flowers, etc - and you are right, people won't notice unless it changes sometimes!


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