Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Beginning the Mohair Air Shawl

Back in the spring I did a dangerous thing. I entered the doors of a very fine yarn store. And I touched the softest mohair yarn in existence, in a lavender shade. I bought two skeins before I could change my mind and waited for the correct inspiration -- what to do with it? Selfishly, I wanted that mohair to be something for me. I looked online for patterns in mohair, but couldn't find a free pattern I really loved. So I dared, last week, to experiment on creating my own pattern.
I used some old, thin yellow yarn to experiment with first. I wanted a fan/shell stitch, but nothing too closed up. I wanted a lighter-than-air stitch, a pattern with a lacy look. I liked the effect I got from turning the shells sideways. I did one shell row, and then one row of chains, alternating, so the shells wouldn't be so compact.
When I was satisfied with the basic pattern, I chained 200 stitches and set to work. Here's an early photo of the first 4 rows (2 rows of shell).
It will be a long rectangular shawl.
I tried to get close-up photos so you could see the stitches well, but my camera is nearly dead and doesn't focus up close. Even on the right setting. This is what you get:
I've got about 4 shell rows done now and I'm liking it. The yarn is so light, so thin, it's hard to work with and quite delicate. But I think I'll love this when it's finished!


  1. Oh, I think you WILL love it very much! It is a gorgeous color!
    I love your smart stitch!

  2. Oh my goodness. It's lovely, and you have a special gift for sure. Beautiful. Will be happy to see the finished product too. :)

  3. Wow that is such fine yarn. Very pretty.


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