Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

The past four days have been worse than a whirlwind of activity; they've been chaotic and exhausting. So I didn't get to show you what came in the mail as a darling birthday present from afar!! From a dear friend in California!
 Isn't it just adorable? Oh, I fell in love when I saw it :) My old tea kettle died, and this little baby came to my rescue. I wonder ... should I give her a name?
Right away, I made a lovely cup of tea in my favorite cup. Thank you, sweet G!


  1. Aw! How nice of G! It's cute! Yes, name it!

  2. Nice kettle and I love the cup. Nice friend.

  3. I think red is very cheerful in the kitchen. What a nice present to get in the mail!

  4. Whistler! Or Sifflette which sounds vaguely more French, and infinitely daintier- to match your lovely cup!


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