Thursday, June 27, 2013

Julia's Futuristic City

Julia's kind of into sci-fi and steampunk and other fun techy things. She loves pictures of futuristic cities. Not my cup-o-tea, because I'm not a city girl. But she drew a full-sized poster. Here it is:
The bullet-shaped hi-rise is her favorite part.
The grass is my favorite part. She calls it her "squiggles" or scribbles.
I love how she does this kind of thing free-hand.  I'd find those buildings a bit challenging to keep square, without a ruler.


  1. Very fun! The freehand irregularity makes it more appealing to me. I'm surprised, but I have to say that I enjoy this very much.

  2. AWESOME! I love the color combos and the grass!

  3. Wow. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Oh no...all of your pictures seem to be....large dashes. :( I really want to see...

  5. for some strange reason your blog isn't opening for me. it's all a pretty green with a circle and horizontal line within that circle. pretty but strange.

  6. Hey gals --

    My son Philip is working on the photos situation for my blog. Picassaweb (the photo holding spot for blogspot) has been charging us monthly for storage. All the photos are loading fine for me, on my laptop, but they are NOT loading on my husband's ipad. Perhaps some machines are able to view the photos, and some aren't? I don't know. We'll be looking into it! Thanks!


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