Saturday, June 15, 2013

Three Little Boats

We've had some brilliant balmy days lately. Lots of cruisers are in town, passing through on their way back north from the Bahamas where they spent the winter. Three pretty little boats were tied up at Oriental Marina the other day:  Break Wynne, Sea-Ya, and Blue Heron. They were all clean, perky, and ready to sail.
The Break Wynne has a cabin roof that opens all the way (see it?), so you can air out the cabin well.
These slips are for folks staying at the Oriental Marina, but right behind them is the Oriental town dock, where any boat can rest for 48 hours, for free.
Last year I photographed these hydrangeas. They're not in full bloom quite yet. I imagine I'll do a lot of repeating myself, now that we've been here a full year. Summer blooms, annual town events, back to school, etc. Some bloggers feel that when they post the same topics year after year, it's time to quit blogging. They're repeating themselves! Who wants to hear the same old story again?
But I'm so thankful -- so thankful to have been here a full year. To see the hydrangeas again. The roses, the magnolias, the Dragon boats, Croakerfest. Yes, I may post them year after year, and each year I'll count it as treasure that God has allowed me to be one more year in this amazing, breath-takingly beautiful place. We didn't deserve it, but He brought us here anyway. Every year will be a blessing!


  1. Well said and very true! I read so many blogs and I kind of like it when people repeat themselves. It sings of consistency. That's good!

  2. I like it when bloggers repeat with the seasons, and months and years. I look forward to so many of the same things year after year.

    Pretty lil boats.


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