Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Too Much Fun at the Farmers Market

I almost didn't sell at the market on Saturday because it was raining. But hey -- you never know; it might stop, right? So I went. I'm glad I did.
Next to my table of soap, lip balm, lotion, and yarn, a sweet couple sets up a table and sells pork products. Good stuff -- bacon, ribs, lots of sausage. I shared a tent with them to keep the rain at bay. Well, then the husband pulled out a little gas grill, fired it up and pulled out some sausage. Oh, the aroma!!
And the rest of the morning was basically a sausage PARTY!!!
See the cute little toothpick holder they brought, for serving up their free samples? Adorbs!
We set up a line of tents and hid under them, nibbling on sausage and beckoning to customers. These two ladies sell wonderful baked goods.
This little boy came with his mommy and daddy. His umbrella was taller than he was. He fell in love with some biscotti samples and endeared himself to us all.
After the market I caught this darling on camera -- what colors!


  1. What a great place to be on a fine misty Saturday! I bet your happy hospitality blessed a lot of the shoppers and the vendors!

  2. Sausage and friendly people sound very cheering on a rainy day.

  3. You sound so joyful. :) 'Course sausage always helps, in my opinion.


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