Sunday, June 30, 2013

These Shoes!!!

I found them at WalMart. And lo, they are comfy!!
They are made by this company.
And they are not joking when they say "comfort technology."
I have insanely tender feet, and on top of that, I broke my left foot badly about 12 years ago. I can't walk for an hour or two without being in a good bit of pain. My feet kill me. So I'm always on the lookout for shoes that give me both support and soft comfort. It's tough to find. Dr. Scholl's shoes used to have wooden soles. (UGH! That's so painful!) These have a wooden look.
But they're NOT wooden! They're a very firm plastic material. They do "give," but they also support. Here's how they squish down. Firm, very supportive, and oh-so comfy for my feet. These shoes are more comfortable than my bedroom slippers. I now wear them around the house.
And did I mention that they were on sale for under $10/pair? Oh yeah!
After I'd worn the yellow pair (above) for a couple of weeks, we were back at WalMart, and I went hunting. I found two other colors I like.
And, yes, I did. I bought them both. They're adorable. And now I can have pain-free feet for a year or two. I will wear these three pairs of shoes until they fall apart. That won't be anytime soon, because Dr. Scholl's are pretty well-made. And no, nobody paid me to say all this. I'm just excited to have pain-free feet! I wear them to church, at home, everywhere. They go with everything.
While I'm at it, here's my new purse. This is a nod to my bloggy buddy, Jo-Lynne, because she's always sporting the most gorgeous handbags. I love a good purse, but I really don't want to fork over any money for it. (Yes, paying under $30 for 3 pairs of shoes was even painful.) I usually get my handbags at the thrift store. I empty the contents of my old (thrifted) bag, put it all in the new (thrifted) bag, and leave the old one there in the store to re-sell, if it's even worth doing that. I know. I'm pitiful. I learned that from my mother :)
So -- I bought a brand new handbag! Paisley! And it was only $12.88! Yay!


  1. Cute shoes! I was just in Walmart and meant to go look at the shoes and forgot. I like your purse, too. Looks like you are accessorized for summer. :)

  2. Love those shoes, especially the yellow:) And I love your purse. I am usually a thrift purse person, too, but it's harder to find a good one for summer use. Yay for a little summer bling!

  3. Hooray! I love the shoes and I'm so glad that your tender feet are feeling fine!
    The handbag is SO pretty! I get attached to handbags and want them to last forever!


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