Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stink and Aroma

On our road are two trees. One stinks. I'm not sure of its type; I lifted this photo from Google because it's very similar -- a Chinese chestnut. Ooooh -- the stench when I ride by on my bike! I try to hold my nose until I'm passed.
And then, at the next house, I pass a a massive magnolia tree. Here's the magnolia blossom:
This tree probably has a hundred blossoms on it, and the air even in the street smells of lemon. That's right ... lemon! Magnolia blossoms have, I think, the purest, brightest lemon aroma you can find. For those who live up North, this is one of the delights of Southern living you're missing. Instead, you get lilac. They're lovely too.


  1. Hi MK!
    WOW! The magnolia blossom is HUGE! I didn't know they smell like lemons. Mmmmmm!

  2. Well, it is decided. I want one. That magnolia is gorgeous. I can't help but wonder what the stinky tree smells like....


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