Monday, November 4, 2013

A Pretty Cheap Date

Saturday afternoon, Adam and I went sailing. We hadn't planned it, but he heard the river calling his name. There was enough wind for a good sail, but the water wasn't choppy. It was fairly smooth.
By the time we got on the river, it was mid afternoon, and as we sailed across, and then back, the sky began its transformation into sunset.
We made Adam's Creek our destination. The east coast's Inland Waterway cuts along our Neuse River for a bit, and then tucks into Adam's Creek. If we wanted to make a day sail to Beaufort, we would sail via Adam's Creek. If you look closely in the photo below, notice the lighter, thinner stretch of land on the horizon. That's the entrance to Adam's Creek.
We made for the marker at the entrance to Adam's Creek, rounded the marker, and then sailed home. No going to Beaufort quite yet!
Sailing may look like a lark, as one sits on a cushion and gazes at the lapping water, but in reality, it's a workout for your core muscles. The constant balancing and correcting against the motion of the boat causes you to use muscles without realizing it. I was so sore yesterday evening! Sailing is also good exercise for burning calories.
I propped my legs up and let Adam man the tiller at the end.
One of Oriental's big shrimp boats, the Master Braxton, passed us on her way out to the river. These boats are quite large, and we are quite tiny, and the skipper of the Master Braxton kindly delayed revving up his big engines until well past us, so we could escape his wake.
"Pensive Selfie" -- haha!!
The sky grew more magnificent as we proceeded home.  What foreboding clouds!
Adam dropped me at the marina, and I drove around to meet him at the town dock, where he left the boat overnight. We hoped to sail again on Sunday afternoon, we had such a lovely time on Saturday!
And why is this "a pretty cheap date"? The actual cost is only the gasoline needed to motor out to the river and back, about 75¢. Thanks to generous people, our boat was free and our slip is free, and Adam has trained himself in sailing. When one balances the cost with the amount of enjoyment one receives in sailing the river, it's a great deal!


  1. Ratty and Mole messing about in boats- living the dream!

  2. Sailing is wonderful! What an excellent date!x

  3. Free boat, free docking space and a cheap fill of gas for the sail, sounds like a blessing to me.

    Lovely photos.


  4. I'm not a good sailor - you would have to count the cost of the seasick tablets for me as well!!!


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