Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Spiral Hat

I've found a new hat pattern that I like. I don't like the usual toboggan pattern -- it's so boring and childish. Then I found this pattern. (Click over to read the pattern; it's free.) If you want to see some other pretty photos of this pattern worked out, click here.
As one blogging crocheter noted, this is a combination of front post double crochet and shell pattern. The edge is alternating front and back post double crochet.
The blue one I made first, and it's a tad bit longer than the pattern calls for. I don't like a hat that rides up and falls off. The blue is Simply Soft, and the color is "Ocean."
Then I made two more in a cream color, with a row of single crochet in a bright metallic color blend. The cream yarn is Impeccable, a whole pound of yarn I got 1/2 off during a sale.
The spiral pattern is very fun to work up, and honestly the pattern is pretty easy once you get it down. I highly recommend it.
Now ... we'll see if it sells! It's almost hat weather here.


  1. I's buy them! I'd love to come strolling through your market! I'd bring you some hot chai tea and we could sip it over chat and woolly purchases!

  2. Those are really cute! I like your longer version, and also the brightly bordered version...

  3. Mags, that sounds divine :) It's a friendly, slow-paced market, with plenty of time to sit and chat and sip tea!!

  4. Hi MK! I hope it does! I think it will. YOU are so speedy!


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