Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Contrasts on the Neuse

After an extremely stressful week, I told Adam that we needed to go out last Friday night, just to get away!! We rode the ferry and put a 5 mile wide river between us and our troubles, and headed to Morehead. The sun was sloping down to the water's lip as we parked on the ferry.
In contrast, here's the Neuse earlier in the day, sparkling and blue.
A river can be temperamental as a woman, shifting in color daily, and in texture and movement. I never tire of watching her to see what mood she's in today.


  1. Oh you make mood swings sound so poetic. I wish mine were this beautiful!¬ For this is great beauty xx

  2. Glad you got away, sweets. Necessary.

  3. Your photos are stunning. I love the second one - just right to lift the soul!

  4. I like it when you tell Adam, "We must get away!" And I bet he likes it, too, because then he knows just what to do to make you happy. :-)


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