Saturday, November 23, 2013

Smitten Week

What a week for crocheting! Last Saturday a lady at the market asked if I could make a pair of white mittens for her grandson. They'll be a gift, alongside a book she loves about a pair of white mittens. I believe she referred to this book:

I said, "Yes!"
I dug into my memory from last fall when I made a pair of child's mittens. April Draven posted this pattern on her site here. I liked this pattern because it's worked from the fingertips down. You make the hand and thumb first.
I wanted mittens for a child in about 2nd or 3rd grade, not tiny, but not adult. I adjusted the pattern a little.
Then you attach the hand and thumb and begin working around the entire piece, decreasing once. Work until it's the correct length for that size and end with some front and back post double crochets. Very nice pattern!
But before these, I was making smittens, lots of smittens. They were mail orders, so I've already sent them off to their owners, but here are the yarns I used:
 The first smittens requested were to be gray with some bit of pink trim. Vanna's Choice is a lovely, soft acrylic yarn. I ran a few slim rows of deep pink through the smittens with a slip stitch, so it wasn't too bold.
 This Impeccable was for a pair of lime green smittens. The photos washes out the color a bit.
 This was perhaps my favorite pair in the order. The lady requested a pair of smittens with teal and purple mixed, and this Simply Soft yarn was exactly to match! The yarn itself is so very soft and nice. I also had some eyelash that matches it exactly, so I was pleased with this pair.
The last request was for a pair in hot fuchsia pink, a color I'm not normally familiar with :) Julia helped me find this Homespun, which is also brighter "in person." I added a touch of white eyelash to pop the colors a little. Bright/hot colors are sparser in Michael's during the winter months. There was lots of autumnal browns, rusts, reds, and purples, and I indulged in some of these as well. Maybe in another blog post, I'll share what else I found.

Thankfully the customers reported that they were happy with these, and that makes me happy too. I'm glad to help folks keep their hands warm this winter!


  1. Those white mittens are adorable, and I'd love to have seen all of those colorful smittens you made.

    Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  2. I used to sing a song to the boys when they were babies, "Mattman has his cosy x, Mattman has his cosy x, Mattman has his cosy x, to keep his warm in winter." Just not sure that smittens would fit the rhythm! The last two verses were very Christian. I'll sing it for you when we meet ha ha!


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