Friday, November 29, 2013


We've successfully moved from our old duplex to our new-to-us house. We'll be switching internet providers (and saving over $24/month!), but the new service won't be hooked up until Dec. 11. So my internet access ... and blogging too ... will be very spotty until then. Sorry!
Yesterday we had our First Annual Thanksgiving Dinner at our church! It was fun, delicious, and a huge success. We have some church members but lots of various visitors. Julia decorated the tables.
The Christmas poinsettias arrived too, so I put them around the communion table.
Adam basically spent the day in the church kitchen. He'd brined the turkey the night before, and it was spectacular -- utterly moist and perfectly cooked. It was a groan board of food!
One friend brought a spiral sliced ham for us to share. Isn't it beautiful?
Thirteen of us gathered around the table. We shared with each other the things for which we're thankful, everything from pets to new attitudes in life.
My plate -- soon, I'll share that cranberry relish recipe. It was great!
We ended up with SO many desserts. Sadly, we brought 1/2 a cake, and parts of 3 pies, back home to our dieting house. I'm sure we'll find some takers to share them.
I'll be here when I can, dear friends. Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy the beginning of Advent this weekend!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving indeed, MK. Thank you so much for a month of sharing yourself even more than usual. I do love having great company along the road to Advent. May God bless you all abundantly in your new home. May space and sanctuary be yours xx

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Lovely plate of food and that dessert table was amazing too.

    Best wishes with the move.

  3. MK, the ham looks amazing and the turkey looks good too. The fun meter was pegged although...Ms Wordsmith, there is no such thing as a "first annual" -grin-. A Second Annual, yes indeedy, but not a first.


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