Monday, November 11, 2013

Yes, We Still Eat

(Sorry I missed a post yesterday. The friend in the hospital mentioned here, died, and we were away at his funeral all day Sunday.)

Even though Adam has now lost almost 50 pounds, and I've lost over 10 pounds, I want to assure you that we do still eat. To prove this:
We were in Greenville, NC all day Wednesday, caring for a parishioner and his wife, and by the time we left the hospital to drive home in the dark and the rain, we were weary and needy of a quiet place to sit together and a little (just a little!) comfort food. And we found a Mellow Mushroom!
I've only heard rumor of the hipster wonders of the Mellow Mushroom. At 4:00 PM, it was pretty empty, so we didn't embarrass any 19 year olds by showing up. This ominous fellow was guarding the door, I suppose because we were in Greenville, home of the ECU Pirates. This steampunk giant is, of course, Blackbeard. Adam says he could identify almost all the car parts here.
I think they failed to put the torches in his beard.
Inside, the decorations were just as interesting. This hung overhead while we nibbled our Kosmic Karma pizza.
In the entrance way, eaters are flanked on each side by a wall of books. Now I call that a welcome!!
And this photo is for my dear friend, Pom Pom. Toadstools, you see? They had several benches like this outside on the patio. It is the Mellow Mushroom, after all.
(((This has nothing to do with anything, especially with food, but I just had to share this silly thing. This was in the staff restroom at the hospital. It's a locked restroom; a staff lady let me in there. But I found this hilarious.)))
Moving on. Today Adam asked me, "If you could have anything to eat tonight for supper, what would you have?" I mumbled and tried to answer, and finally spat out: "A tender filet mignon, a baked potato, and some steamed veggies." I could have been more creative, I guess, but at the time, the thought of a mouth-wateringly-soft steak was attractive. And so Adam came through again!
Yeah, yeah. It's not a filet, but we're not that kind of rich either. It was tender!
The finished plate. Look closely -- see that yellow liquid floating under the asparagus? That's a lemon Hollandaise sauce, and oh my! it was so very good. The lemon was subtle and leant a brightness to it, and it was luscious on all the items on the plate. We'll definitely have that sauce again.
In spite of all this, the meal isn't over the top. That's a half potato, and half of a steak. We'll be eating it again because we only ate half of it tonight. The Hollandaise sauce was a calorie hit, made with egg yolks and butter, but we didn't drink it by the glass, so that's alright. It's all a matter of portion size and knowing when to say stop.


  1. I do love that bench! I think I need one!
    Off to an all-day seminar today and I hate to leave my patient. Sad. Tomorrow, it's back to the students. I've missed them.
    You guys are doing so well with portion control. Hooray!
    Have a restful day for once, MK!

  2. Looks lovely! God truly gives us all things to richly enjoy.

  3. Your meal looks delicious.

    Moderation, and it looks like you moderated your wonderful meal.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Yum! I would like that sauce by the dipperful!

  5. Oh my...I'm not sure I could say no to all that delicious food.


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