Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Some Things New

Bartering is new to me. Should we just call it "swapping"? A lady in town makes these deliciously soothing "eye pillows." She came to my market table and loved a pair of smittens; she wore them for a few minutes, and I could tell she wanted them. "May I set them aside for you?" I asked. "Noooo," she said, disappointed, "maybe later." Then I said, "You make those wonderful eye pillows, don't you?" And quickly a swap was arranged.
Both items sell for $12. Her pillows are filled with organic flax seed, lavender blossoms, and lavender essential oil. It's the best eye pillow I've ever tried. Zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds, and it's warm and aromatic ~~ perfect for weary eyes before bed.
And I love the turtle design on the fabric! This fabric is only an outer slip cover. Inside, is a white cotton/muslin pouch, holding the seeds and lavender.
New boats? Why yes, we always have new boats! I was driving downtown yesterday, late for a singing engagement, and saw this boat just pulling up at the town dock. I screeched to a halt, jumped out of the van, and took a few photos as the boat owner tied up.
It's a beautiful wooden boat from Maine. I think he has a slew of boys on board. I saw one teen and a couple of younger boys. Taking your over-active, sit-in-front-of-a-screen boys on a few months of ocean sailing will knock the energy right out of 'em, I'm telling you! Anyone who has the means to do so, should try it. I'm convinced a year of sailing and living aboard would improve the disposition of any troubled boy. Boys need lots to do, and things to be in charge of.

And the last new thing is a house. A new house for us! We're moving from our duplex, which is often a bit snug (especially when the older kids are home), into a real house with THREE bedrooms, across town. It's a small, small house. The bedrooms are tiny. But what counts is that there are THREE of them - yay! Plus a little den. It will be an improvement, I think. So, here's the house:
And here's a larger photo that shows what's on the side of the house. Yes, that's right. This is Oriental, and the double bay garage is larger than the house is.
That's because in Oriental, we all know what's really important in life ~~ the BOATS!!  These are not car garages. (Notice the absence of pavement in front of them.) Sigh ... only in Oriental! Yes, I do think even the Christiansens can put all our junk in those garages, with room to spare :) Plus, the boats.


  1. I like your house! Snug and sweet! Happy moving, friend!

  2. Bartering is great...good for both parties. And happy for you about the house. Hope you're really pleased. I know you have a heart for HOME. :)

  3. That garage looks just about soap factory size to me... I read the boat paragraph too quickly, but am relieved on second reading to ascertain that no boys were slain in the writing of your blog post. No boys were slain here either today, despite Jo's nearly forgetting his piano lesson. I love your barter story. That's what market community should really be about!

  4. Thanks, Pom!
    Yes, Melissa :) That's where my heart certainly is.
    Mags, you're so funny :) (or as we say here, you so FUNNY!) I thought about adding that, if care is taken, no one should drown or otherwise meet his demise, during such a voyage with boys. One of these days ... I'd love to have a spot just for soapmaking and packaging. We'll see!

  5. That house looks good - and the garage is amazing! I would have plans to turn it into a studio - but then, I'm not a sailor!

    Bartering is alive and well here where I live - Mr FD does a lot of computer repair work for friends and is often paid in vegetables, or bottles of unidentified alcohol, or (as one friend did) in mended staircases!

  6. Hurray for you, your first barter and a new home. What fun to move into a new home right before the holidays.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  7. Happy for your house! I often think it would be better to have a small house attached to a large barn, but then again I have a house full of boys:) I hope you will still be able to take your beautiful bike rides.

  8. what a nice house, the move will be over soon and the enjoyment will begin. yes, I think swapping is a better name than bartering...the irs has tried, for years, to make bartering taxable.

  9. Oh, my husband would be in HEAVEN on earth with a garage like that. As a matter of fact I would be quite happy with it, too, esp. the detached aspect. Very nice! I hope your move goes well.

  10. I really think I should make myself an eye pillow. I have been surprised at how my eyes don't just start being happy as soon as I close them to sleep - they are often scratchy and sore and keep me awake. I hate to go to the trouble of a hot wet compress at bedtime, but perhaps this sort of warm soother would help.


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