Monday, November 18, 2013

Shipping Soap

Goodness! Is it Monday, and have I not yet done my daily post for November? Eek! Well, here's just one thing that kept me busy today: shipping soap for Christmas!
I made a batch of soap last week -- "Warm Cider" scented soap, "Christmas Tree" scented soap, plus lavender, sandalwood, and tea tree oil. I especially like how the Warm Cider turned out. That's a picture of it, above. The swirls are simply parts of the liquid soap that had more (or less) cocoa powder stirred in.
So I sat down with my cut soap and my scale, and started packaging.
My soap is about $1/ounce. It's a good deal for handmade scented soap. So many people tell me how gentle it is on their skin, and how skin irritations/itching/redness/dryness goes away when they stop using commercial soaps and begin using homemade soap.
Making soap is lots of fun. I love having a fine product to offer, I love having little gifts on hand when I need them, and I love never, ever having to buy a bar of soap -- ever! Yay!
People are shopping for Christmas. Have you started?


  1. Your soaps look so GREAT! I wish I could smell them! Go, MK, go!

  2. Do you sell your soap online? I did not see a link. Smiles, Dottie

  3. I've always wanted to make soap, but am scared of lye. Your soap looks beautiful!


  4. Oh, thank you, ladies! You're dears.

    Dottie, I don't yet have any website for selling my soap or yarn stuff. My friends just tell what they want, and I ship it out to them, and they send me a check :) I do need to set up, perhaps, a blog for my sales. But i hate to have to set up a payment system too. It's a pain. But I do ship out soap. Let me know if you'd like some.

    Frances -- I am very careful handling the lye, it's true. I wear chemistry glasses and laytex gloves and keep everyone out of the kitchen. But it's worth it for the end result :)

  5. Your soaps sound lovely! I like the thought of warm cider...

    How much would it cost to ship to France/ the UK?

  6. Everything looks so nice - what a beautiful selection of soap all ready for their travels. Not that I have much more experience than you, but I do have an etsy shop if you ever have questions regarding online sales. I would be happy to help!

  7. Thanks, Sarah! I've definitely thought about an Etsy shop, and I may actually get around to it someday. I enjoy selling at the local market, and I don't know if I want to "expand."

  8. Dormouse (I don't remember your name!!) -- I don't know. I could find out :) Soap is somewhat heavy, unfortunately. I'll check online and see if the post office says.

  9. You are SO productive! I am well impressed. On Sunday night I pulled myself out of denial and did the on-line present orders. Remembered too late that it was Sunday... At least I have made a little start!


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