Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mary Berry's Orange Cake

We've been watching the Great British Bake-Off, and Adam is enamored of some of those delectable recipes. We watched the show on which the two judges, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood share their favorites. Today Some day last week, Adam made Mary Berry's Orange Cake -- such a neat recipe. Any recipe that begins with boiling an orange whole in a saucepan of water, must be a great one.
Here's a link to the BBC website with the recipe for the Orange Cake. I'm not copying it here; it's big.
This is such a delicious cake. The flavor of orange infuses the baked cake. Adam is making a 2-tier 6" cake, instead of a full-size one.
Here are the candied orange rind slices for the top.
With his extra batter he made a thin full-sized sheet for us to nibble on. The cake alone is wonderful. With the light cream cheese/orange frosting, it is scrumptious. 
See the orange? I don't think we'll be bringing any of this back home from the church covered dish it's going to tonight.


  1. NO MORE FOOD POSTS!!! You're making me hungry! But this looks DELISH!!!

  2. great looking cake! I love all things citrus. Last night we squeezed fresh lime wedges over our spicy pork tacos :)

  3. Oh looks good. Jo brought grapefruit home from the supermarket by mistake a few days before the first episode- when Becca made a grapefruit cake. I thought I'd have a go and found the recipe on the BBC website. It was enormous! Needless to say the cake didn't get made...

  4. Aw, Mags -- give it a go! Sounds yummy.
    I love citrus too, Sarah. And LIME is so fabulous on anything Mexican. Those tacos sound great.
    Sorry, Trudi! I must post my hubby's accomplishments :)

  5. Wow! That is beautiful! I bet it smells delicious!


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