Tuesday, November 26, 2013

WARNING: Food Post!

Adam reached his 50-pound weight loss goal. Every 25 pounds, he treats himself to a date with me at a restaurant. We choose to eat at Paula's, an Italian restaurant in New Bern. I like their atmosphere, and the food is pretty good. Adam ordered the seafood platter:
I enjoyed my favorite, baked ziti:
Julia went out on a limb and ordered a calzone instead of her usual mozzerella sticks.
And you may ask, "Weight loss? With those meals? How in the world can you hope to keep losing weight if you eat that way?" And you'd be right to ask. Here's what we did:  Adam asked for his large to-go box to come with his meal. Then he separated all the seafood from all the pasta and sauce. He ate the seafood (which doesn't do well left over and is low-cal), and he saved the remainder for lunch the next day. I did the same with my ziti, and Julia didn't have a chance of finishing that whole calzone.

Not only does this method allow us still to eat our favorite foods, it spreads the cost of this meal to cover two meals, so it's both a diet win and a pocketbook win. I'll give you one guess, however, which leftover still sits in the refrigerator, days later.

Yep. Julia's. That's why she's actually skinny, and not trying to lose weight :)

(Note: If I disappear on ye olde blogge later this week, and fail in completing my every-day-blogging for November, it's because we're moving to the new house and do not yet have internet access there. Sorry! I'll b back!)


  1. Good strategy! Yes, I have one particularly skinny boy who is skinny because he NEVER cleans his plate.

  2. Oh happy moving MK. You deserve a break in so many ways!

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss milestone to Adam! Also, congratulations on the new house! We just listed our house this week. It's a big time!

  4. Congrats to Adam on the lbs. lost.

    Have a smooth move into your new home. I look forward to seeing photos and hearing all about it.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. I'd say a restaurant meal every **25 lbs** is not very indulgent! Way to go, Adam!

  6. Wonderful! A great idea to celebrate with a special meal. Here's to Adam.... Woot Woot!!!


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