Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Too Early for Christmas?

I think not!
Hopefully, all of you know what these bright red and green boxes mean. They mean joy for millions of children around the world. They mean the warmth of Christian love. They mean, "We are all one family in Jesus!" They are the Christmas Shoeboxes!
Last year our church took (I think) 22 boxes to the drop-off location in New Bern. But this year we have over 22 boxes already! (Yippee!!) And this coming Tuesday evening, we'll be gathering together with more empty boxes, and more gifts, and assembling yet more boxes to go.
The congregation has been bringing fun gifts for the children this week.
This morning we enjoyed looking through all the goodies and discovering what we need yet to buy.
Candy, toys, toiletries, hair fashion, clothing, art supplies -- all these make children smile around the world. Have you made a Christmas Shoebox? Find a church near you that participates in Operation Christmas Child. It brings joy to the givers and the recipients.


  1. We don't have those amazing boxes! WE have to use shoe boxes and we have to cover the box and the lid so that the whole thing still opens. I love these boxes! Our church announced it but doesn't make it a very big thing, which is unfortunate because I need someone to make it a VERY big thing to remind me to get on and do.

  2. Oooh, you just reminded me that I took at leaflet from my local church I visited!! Must go back with the shoebox! My church doesn't do it but we should!x

  3. Mags, we hadn't used those boxes before at this church. One of our elderly men contacted the Samaritan's Purse organization and bought 100 of them!! We won't use them all this year though. We also ordered the little slips. Did you know you can also purchase a shipping label for $7 to go on your box, and it pays for the postage and lets you track your box all the way to its destination? Cool :) Our church generously pays for the postage for all the boxes, which is such a help. It's a bigger deal this year, and I'm so glad :)

  4. Our church is doing a show box packing party this Saturday. :)

  5. My daughter has an adopted friend that remembers receiving one of these boxes. Such a fun and easy way to share the love of Christ.

  6. We went to a church for awhile that did these boxes and it was a wonderful way to introduce my boys to the spirit of giving at Christmas.


  7. I organised a similar event when I was teaching - the children had great fun supplying shoe boxes and filling them with gifts. I've not found a similar scheme here in France though.

  8. Dear Dormouse -- Mags is in Ireland, and they are doing this ministry there, so perhaps somewhere in France they might do that. Don't know. But I suppose it is international.


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