Sunday, November 3, 2013

At the Market

The farmers market is so lovely in fall. I enjoy the emergence of pumpkins, root vegetables, pumpkin spice breads, and the chilly weather that makes us vendors cuddle in sweaters and pull on our mittens.
Some of us have been wearing our fur coats year round, however.
I finished this crocheted smitten and snuggie set this week. I love this yarn with a passion that only you yarn-lovers will understand. To me, it is so beautiful I love just to look at it. It's luscious. Something about the color combination and how it works up, is eminently pleasing.
This is the yarn, and yes, I do recall that I blogged about it last year. In fact, I saved two skeins from last year, so I'd have enough to make another set of items this fall. I've been anticipating this for twelve months. Clearly, I have the yarn illness!
The color, by the way, is "Lotus." And since Julia and I are almost finished with Homer's Odyssey, this brings to mind the addictive quality of the food enjoyed in the land of the Lotus Eaters. Addictive.
The color in these photos is not quite true. The first photo above, from the market table, is better.
The stitch used is the "grit stitch." It is not gritty.
I finished another knitted infinity scarf with a line of beading running through it, and my friend Judy kindly modeled it for this photo.
A rather sad, falling-apart home sits across from our market area. But now its collapsing chimney stack is crowned with bright red -- see? Its glory tumbles down and cascades down half the facade.
Why are we able to find even more beauty at times in objects of decay, excess, overgrowth, collapse? I don't know.
Also across the way is a tiny building with a fish market each Saturday.
Someone put some whimsy into the decor on the building's side.
I noticed this vine on a doorway trellis the other day. Isn't it fun? What is the fruit, you ask?
Cherry tomatoes! Now, isn't that clever? You can take a nibble every time you walk out the door.
The crepe myrtles in town are at last turning a brilliant orange red, and happy we are to see it!


  1. I love variegated yarns, too! Your mitts are very pretty! The pups look so cute on their leads.

  2. Beautiful photos of the tumbling down house! There are so many like that around here - though maybe not quite so picturesque!

  3. Gourds! You live so close to Heaven, MK. Well, apart from those summery mosquitoes.... That wool is the essence of Autumn. Must do some research... Going well with the daily blogging: keep going; it's a joy to read!

  4. Why do we see beauty in decaying things? Maybe you are seeing things as God sees them, he's helping you appreciate things? In us, he sees things in us frequently like that but he loves us and sees our beauty despite our flaws and sins?!
    Your scarf is so beautifull made. The yarn is so bright and cheery!
    Lovely to see you again- was it Advent when we all linked up?!x


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