Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1

Mags, over at Fraise Lachrymose, has asked her blogging friends if they'll agree to post each day in November. Why? I have not a clue, except it's become a sweet tradition each November in her corner of blogland. And why not? So I shall.
 These photos are from a brief walk I took a few days ago, when the light was just right.

 This tree seems to me to be striking a pose. Yes? A dance pose. Her sweeping skirt, her fingers tipped with castanets.
 I feel that God said to her when she was young, "Now choose a pose, dear. You can't dance around and move here on this earth, as you will be able to later, when I've remade you. So choose a pose you like. You'll be holding it for a few hundred years."

 I don't know whether this tree is ill, or does this naturally. The inside of the tree is brown, and only the outer tips are green.
 And although I do love sweater weather, it's rather nice to take a fall walk wearing these:
Welcome, November!


  1. Trees an leaves. the perfect start to a November Odyssey! But sandals in November- does not compute!

  2. Wearing sandals here, too. Well, not today because we are getting MORE rain which we need! (I pray it hovers over local lakes.)


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