Soap-Making in the Neighborhood -- My neighbor Ali got me started on soap-making. In this post, I watched her make a batch, to find out how to do it.
My First Batch -- In this post, I chronicle my first experience with making soap at home. I made a simple 3-oil soap, cold-processed, lavender poppyseed.
Lavender Poppyseed Soap -- Cutting the first batch of soap.
Soap Packaging -- In this post, I decide how I want to package my soap -- simply and beautifully.
Finished Soap for Sale -- The packaging process, plus pics of the long soap mold Adam made for me, complete with a cutting slot.
Jasmine & Lemon Poppyseed -- This post tells about my next 2 batches, and using round molds.
Taproot Artisans Shop -- This adorable store in Harmony, NC carries my soap for sale.
Buying a Digital Scale from WalMart -- Weighing soap
Sandalwood Soap -- The sad tale of how I used all my sandalwood oil, but got no sandalwood scent.
About That Soap -- Using the little soap chip leftovers for a good bath soak
Dama's Bee Cream -- Not exactly a soap post, but related. I made my own hand cream.
Adam's Concoction -- Adam makes bubble bath, using some of my soap.
Homemade Laundry Soap - a simple recipe for inexpensive laundry soap
Jasmine and Cocoa Soap --  This is the first batch of soap in a long time, with some texturing and cocoa powder on top.
Jasmine and Cocoa cut --  finished bars of this soap, which turned out lovely.
Selling at the local farmer's market -- my first day, and it was a success!
Lemon Poppyseed Soap, with top texturing --  I love this texturing method and plan to use it often.
Lavender Loofah Soap --  For the first time, I poured soap over loofahs in a pvc circular mold. Great results!
Soap, Soap, Soap! -- Among other things, I created my own scent blend for the first time: lemongrass, tea tree, and eucalyptus.
Lip Balm --  My first batch of lip balm with beeswax
Selling Bee Cream --  A new batch of bee cream, packaged for sale in neat metal containers
Five Scents -- a batch of soap divided into various scents, showing some new mold shapes
Online Organic Beeswax -- When Adam ran out of his own bees' wax, he bought me some online.
The Absolute Importance of Gelling -- No pictures, but I talk about why you must let your soaps gel.
One Batch, Many Scents -- Here, I talk about dividing one batch of soap into different scents. No pics.
And again -- Another post about using one batch for multiple scents, types of molds, and pre-heating molds for better gelling.
Changing Soap Packaging Again? -- Now finishing my fifth year soap-making, I still can't decide on packaging!
Comparing Soap Molds -- spring, 2016, reconsidering my molds after changing my packaging