Monday, June 25, 2012

Soap, Soap, Soap!

I returned to Oriental on Saturday night. Adam told me my soap supplies were low, so I determined to make some more ASAP. I still have lots of lemon-scented soap, and I must say:  I'm not pleased with it!
The soap turned out beautifully. In the soap above, I also put lemon peel, soaked first in vitamin E oil, so it would remain bright yellow. But the lemon scent just does not last in the soap! On Saturday when he sold my soap at the market, Adam saw what I'd seen:  people pick up the lemon soap, sniff it, and put it back down. Then they buy some other scent. The lemon is a disappointment. So I'm not making it again!
But there's good news! I made more jasmine soap with cocoa coloring; it's been a good seller. Lots of swirliness going on in this batch.
And I made a lot of round lavender poppyseed. People love lavender. Ever Peter loves my lavender soap! Sorry this photo is dark.
And the last little dab of soap I made? A crazy blend -- my first blend of scents, and I ADORE it!! It's a lemongrass/tea tree/eucalyptus. This stuff smells divine. Mmmmm.
Gotta dash.


  1. I am too, Sarah! I LOVE making it, cutting it, smelling it, selling it .... We have a big annual festival coming up soon in town, and I need to make a couple more batches for that event -- yippee!

  2. Mmmmmmmm. I wish I could smell it! Are you still crocheting face cloths, too?

  3. I am, Pom, and they are selling so fast! One lady came and bought FOUR of them from Adam last Saturday. I can't crochet them fast enough to catch up. It's a very pretty pattern.


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