Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sandalwood Soap

I finally succumbed, and used my sandalwood essential oil.  I love, love, love the scent of sandalwood. A few years ago I bought a bar of sandalwood-scented soap. I didn't use it -- I put it in my top dresser drawer, to scent my unmentionables, and so I can sniff it anytime I like.

Imagine my anticipation, at making about 7 lbs. of such olfactory pleasure?

This time I blended paprika into the oil as I heated it, stirring well. And the color dispersed throughout the soap, a mild peach tone. Perfect.
I made four of the small loaf pan bars, one large, long wooden mold, and for the first time -- an orange juice container!
They're perfect.  The soap turns out a good size, and round. The container sides are already waxed.  I cut out a round of freezer paper to line the bottom. And when the soap is hard enough?

Just pull the paper off!
Once you find the seam, it pulls off like a pack of biscuits.
I cut the soap in about 2 days. I weighed each one. Some are just under 2 oz., some just over, some 2 1/2 oz., and some around 3 oz.
However, the sandalwood scent I was hoping for hasn't yet materialized.  I've read that it is mild and emerges gradually as the soap dries.  I sure hope so.  I put quite a bit of oil in the batch, and it is expensive.  But if I end up with the "real McCoy," it'll be worth it!

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  1. I so admire you for doing all the things necessary to accomplish useful, aromatic, and completely satisfying bars of soap! The general spiffing-and-scrubbing-up kind of housewifeliness they represent is commendable, too.


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