Friday, July 20, 2012

A Constructive Morning

I've be productive today! Isn't that a good feeling? Yesterday was a knitting day. I started on a new prayer shawl, and the beginning of a project is always motivating. I'll show you pictures of that later. This morning though, I rather forgot about the shawl. I decided to cut into bars the soap that I made yesterday. I had new scents: lilac, sweet pea, vanilla and sandalwood. After cutting soap, I began a new project -- making my own lip balm. I had ordered little 1/2 oz. jars from Sweet Cakes, a great site that sells soap supplies.
This lip balm has coconut oil, beeswax (yes, from our own bees!), vitamin E oil, and a little sweet pea fragrance oil. It cools and hardens so quickly after pouring, that I had to microwave it again, to finish pouring. You can see above the difference in the hardened balm, and the ones still a little liquidy.
(2 parts coconut oil to 1 part beeswax, plus a few drops of vit. E oil, and a little scented oil. Recipe from this website.)
It's creamy and smooth. I had a little left over, and Julia and I gave it a try. The beeswax is the ingredient that really makes this balm. No chemicals, all natural.
Some peaches were ripening away on the counter, so I decided to made a peach pie/crumble.
I'm here to let you know that it tastes great!!  Now if Adam asks, "Did you eat any lunch?" I can honestly say, "Yes!" heehee :)
This was made with a simple no-roll pastry crust, peaches, sugar, tapioca and lemon juice, and a crumble on top of brown sugar, butter, oats, flour, nutmeg and a little vanilla. After all these years of cooking, I don't really measure these things. That makes "throwing a pie together" so much easier.


  1. Hi MK! Oh, the crumble looks delicious. I'm thankful that isn't sitting on my counter. I'd eat it all!
    Your lip balm is lovely! Well done!
    I am going to knit right now.
    Pray for the families of the shooting victims here. That theater isn't too far from my school. I have not heard any names mentioned yet. So sad.

  2. What a wonderful idea to use the wax in the balm! I'm a sucker for lip balms and chapsticks - maybe I'll attempt it sometime. I love your little containers!

  3. Pom, the crumble was delicious - notice the past tense!! Haha -- nope, it's not ALL gone yet, but I'm working on it!!
    Having you say that the theater is so close to your school -- that kind of brought this "news" event closer to home. What a horror! I'm so, so sad that there are people who even think of such things. May God bring comfort and some sanity after this.

    Sarah, the balm turned out great, but those containers are SO expensive. I need to find some place closer to buy them cheaper. Why is something so simple, so hard to find?

  4. I've bought supplies on etsy before under "supplies" category. You could also try ebay.


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