Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cocoa/Jasmine Soap

I thought you'd all like to see how the cocoa/jasmine soap turned out:
I really like how the cocoa coloration turned out! It did exactly as I'd hoped, and next time I know I can be even more aggressive in mixing the cocoa (or whatever I decide to use) down into the soap. I love the swirling/mottling. Here's a fuzzy shot:
And here are a few random shots from Oriental that I've taken as we walk around. Don't you just love this motor-cum-mailbox?
This is one of the more illustrious homes in town. Many are simple beach cabins or ranch homes.
Across from the little town beach is this majestic stand of hollyhocks.
A precious stone home sits on one large corner lot.
Our waterline, which I never tire of:


  1. I love nice soaps - I bought myself a couple of bars of lovely "gourmet" soaps before we left on our road trip, just to have something a bit elegant along. Oatmeal peppermint and lemon. I love the pictures - where is that?

  2. Melissa, this is in Oriental, NC, where we live now! It's just north of where you are now -- you should drive through for a visit. It's a beee-ootiful place :)


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