Friday, December 31, 2010

Adam's Concoction

I must say, I was a tad surprised when Adam said he wanted to make bubble bath. He does appreciate a good soak in the tub.  But bubbles? Perhaps it was just the scientist in him, wanting to whip up a concoction!

First he took a 4 oz. bar of my soap, one that had little scent. He grated it into a pot.
Then he added a quart of distilled water. (We get ours out of our dehumidifier downstairs.) He used the hand blender to mix it well, particularly to cut the soap bits and incorporate them into the water.
It got foamy like this.  I think it looks like marshmallow fluff at this point.  The Southerners out there might not know what marshmallow fluff is, but the Yankees will :)  I even know what a "fluff-a-nutter" is, and that's saying something!
Then Adam added and STIRRED (not blended with the hand blender) a 4 oz. bottle of glycerin into it.  We found the glycerin at CVS. It was $5 for the bottle, which I think is rather steep, but it was $1.25 off with my CVS card. If we decide to do much of this, we'll need to find a cheaper source of glycerin.

The last addition was about 6 drops of jasmine essential oil. Yummmm.
It filled this carafe, plus the cup-sized jar Anna took straight to the bath tub with her! She said it didn't bubble as much as she expected.  He'll need to work on that.  But she said it was fabulously smooth and moisturizing on her legs. She shaved one leg with the concoction, and one with the shower gel she normally uses.  She said Daddy's Concoction was vastly superior! Yay for Daddy!  I'm looking forward to a good soak with this stuff tomorrow. Another fun use for my soap!


  1. That looks a lot like fresh foamy milk!!
    ~karen (WI)

  2. People usually are disappointed when they try using soap for bubble bath, even though the soap is very lathery when used with only a little water, because a bathtubful of water has enough "hardness" to turn most or all of the soap into sudsless curds.


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