Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lemon Poppyseed Soap

I apologize for posting again so soon, but I just had to share with you the batch of soap I made today! I made lemon soap -- some with just straight lemon scent, some with poppyseeds, and some also with lemon peel.
I won't bore you with photos of the soap-making process. But here's the lemon/poppyseed/lemon peel, in a large square mold. I've just begun to texture the soap, using a spoon to scoop and dig up the soap as it's hardening, piling it up into a little mountain ridge. It's still soft and somewhat liquidy, so I had to keep at it, as it hardened more.
After a couple of passes, it's firming up, and I'm liking the rippled texture. It was so much fun to play with it and whirl it around.
Here's a video from Youtube -- this is Karen from the U.K., at Edens Secret. This lady is quite a soap maker, and I watched her do this technique last night. Bump ahead to about 2.30 minutes, to see her swirling and texturing. (She is such a hoot. She has 418 soap videos. I'd listen to her just for her accent - haha!)

A few hours later, it's lightened in color and hardened well. I also sprinkled some cocoa powder lightly on top. In a couple of days I'll pop these two ridges out, and cut the soap up. I'll show you then what it looks like.
I also used this little mold for the first time, and it worked great! I put plain lemon scented soap in these. I can't wait to pop them out!
And I had enough soap to do 3 juice cans. These are excellent molds. I peel the paper off (which is already waxed on the inside). The circular shape is fun for soap, and it slices easily. These bars will have lemon scent and poppyseeds.


  1. The lemon soap sounds dee-lish! When I made soap about a hundred years ago, I molded some of it in juice cans.

  2. I love these juice cans, GJ! I just peeled them off this morning, and it's so easy -- you throw them away. And the round soap is a nice size. This lemon is smelling good, esp. the ones with the zest in them.


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