Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lavender Poppy Seed Soap

Today I removed my soap from the molds and cut it into bars.  What a satisfying feeling!  Here's the soap from the long, wooden mold.
I used Adam's bench knife to cut it. He watched, and then said he could make another, better wooden mold, with a cutting slot to guide the cut, and give more uniform bars. He went right outside and proceeded to make it!

The soap is really beautiful, and it smells like lavender.  It has to cure for about 2 weeks before it's ready to use. I'm hoping to use some for Christmas presents, but I'd also like to sell soap, so if you want some, let me know.  The bars are about 2 oz. in size, and will sell for $2.00.
They'll rest here until they're done.  The surface is smooth and creamy-feeling. Just perfect.
I can't wait to make my next batch!


  1. YES! i want some! you are turning into some kind of renaissance woman!

  2. That is wonderful, M.K.!!
    I have made a simple "blender soap" a few times, but it doesn't make much, and is not very exact. I've always wanted to do the whole process, and make a big batch, with someone who was experienced. I admire you for jumping in confidently and accomplishing it. There can't be anything more satisfying for a homemaker than to produce stacks of sweet-smelling, wholesome bars of soap!

  3. Ooooo -- Annie, are you serious? You would be my First Customer? And I could probably make some patchouli too, at some point :)

    GJ -- you could definitely do this. Three things really help: watching a friend do it (I got to do this twice), a digital kitchen scale for precision, and a stick mixer. I'm eager to make another batch :)

  4. I want some! How much do you have left for sale?


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