Saturday, December 18, 2010

Taproot Artisans Shop

This afternoon I drove to Taproot Artisans, a shop in a nearby town. This is the store where I'll be consigning my soaps. I took some bars of my lavender poppyseed there -- all that I had left from that batch. Soon I'll be taking some jasmine and some lemon poppyseed as well.  Here's the neat 1895 school house they use for their shop.  Philip, Anna and Julia are on the steps.
It's a unique place to showcase local artisans.  Here are some beautiful scarves, hats and shawls for sale:
And someone is doing some attractive wood-working for them.
They sell homemade breads, cheese, candy and jams.
And they're all decorated for the season!
In their "back room," they have some fun antiques.  I loved this picnic table with benches.
They also have interesting finds up in their attic.  I bought a piece of red/white fabric there for 50¢ to package my soap, and Anna found some blue quilt squares --already cut, of course -- and she's planning what wonders she'll make with them!

So, if you live in the area, and want a fun store to visit with local items, Taproot Artisans is the place for you.  The folks are friendly. We even had yummy refreshments to warm up our tummies and send us on our way!

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  1. What a wonderful store. I love local shops like this.



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