Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lavender Loofah Soap

I made a new batch of soap earlier this week. It was mostly lavender, and a bit of it was peppermint. What lovely smells wafting through the house! Anyway, I decided to use some loofah (or luffa) that I'd bought, and insert it in the soap. It turned out like this:
It's very fun to do. I used a PVC pipe mold for this soap, which was big enough to insert the loofah first, with space around the outside. Then I simply poured the traced soap into the PVC mold, filling in all the spaces. It worked really well. I love how they look!
A few of them had one side with bare loofah, but that doesn't really make any difference. I then wondered if I could turn it into "soap on a rope." I pierced the loofah with a skewer.
Then I threaded some natural twine through the hold easily, and tied it off. It looks really rustic and cool -- the look I want for my soap. People around here are very "back-to-nature" and eco-friendly, so I'm avoiding packaging and sticking with natural products as much as possible.
This was fun and I'm definitely doing it again.


  1. Hi MK! Well, that's just BRILLIANT! I want one!

  2. Then I wish you both were here at the market! :) They did sell well.

  3. Your soap creations are fascinating -- I would love to stroll through the market and stop by your table!

  4. M.K., I'm finally getting around to reading some of your soap-making, devotional essays, etc. Love this loofah soap! My daughter wants to try her hand at making goat's milk soap sometime. I think I'd like to try it too. I'll be back to read more later! :D

  5. Lisa, this was a very popular soap, and I've sold out of it now. I didn't even think that it turned out perfect, but people snatched it up. I kept one end nubbin for myself, and liked how it worked. DEFINITELY looking for more loofah to use!


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