Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Around Town

After I dropped the girls off today at the dentist, I drove around downtown and took some interesting pictures for you. They're not excellent pics, because I was behind the wheel when most of them were taken (although not moving, you understand). Still, they'll give you an impression of what the area looks like.

Here's a downtown church, a Presbyterian one.
This isn't the most lovely downtown home, not by a long-shot. Another day I'll have to get some good pics of the really gorgeous older homes. But this one was available, and it is impressive -- rather typical, I'd say, of most of the older homes downtown.  I'd bet there are at least 50  homes that are large and beautiful like this one.
Looking up the street toward the center of downtown. This is Mayo's Italian Restaurant, supposedly a very good, pricey place.  I've never been. Neat building, though.
This bizarre green clock is perhaps the most unusual object in town. The building itself has been empty (even the bottom floor) for a while, but I heard rumor that a nearby fabric/sewing/quilting store is moving in there.  I hope so!
I think this is the old courthouse, and the monument out front is in memory of Confederate soldiers.
I wish I'd gotten a better picture of this interesting building -- it's the City Hall. It's very red, and fascinating to look at. I think I once heard it used to be a hotel.
This is the picture I've been wanting to take for so long -- a wall full of pyracantha. Isn't it majestic? It sits in full sun, on a warm wall, all day.
I'm not sure if this isn't the most beautiful picture of them all -- puffy white clouds scuttling across a pellucid blue sky, as if mighty angels had been tearing apart cotton balls for the afternoon.
Thanks for participating in my little tour of town!

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  1. We noticed that red building when we were last in Statesville, just after Thanksgiving. So it's City Hall?
    There is a red brick building in Dallas, just on the corner a block from where JFK was shot. He passed that building, turned left onto the street that faced the warehouse where Oswald was said to be housed, and then made another left onto the stretch by the grassy knoll.
    That red building in Dallas looks very much like this one. Bill & I noted it, as did the friends we were with, one of whom is from Statesville and now living in Dallas.
    That's really a lot of nothing to share, but it's interesting that you photographed the very building we were commenting on a few months ago.


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