Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dashing through the Snow

Hello, World!

Adam and I are in Iowa for the weekend, and it's so snowy here, Brrr! We're here for him to preach at a church that we used to visit many years ago. When the children were little, we attended a wonderful summer family Bible camp with the friends from this church. We've always looked back on those wonderful weeks with great fondness. Thankfully, the weather is warmer this week than it was last, and I don't think these two southerners will freeze to death!

I didn't bring my camera cable along, so you'll have to wait for pictures. We had a stopover in the Detroit airport. They have the coolest thing there --a long underground tunnel, very wide, that connects their two concourses. It feels a bit like a ballroom, and the side walls that stretch the length of the tunnel are lit. They glow with a lovely designs and the shimmering colors change from red to blue to yellow to green. It felt very psychedelic. Julia would have loved it.

Today we'll be driving around, visiting friends and eating meals. I'm really looking forward to it. Meanwhile the kids are back home, sleeping in, watching lots of movies and fighting over the computer time, I'm sure. Be good, y'all!! I'm sure they're not reading mom's blog!!

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  1. I hope you're having a great trip. It is still cold up here in the north country.



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