Thursday, February 24, 2011

Breakfast Blogasbord

Gotta get all these open links off my Firefox!

NY Times article on academic bias/discrimination in the Social Sciences. A speaker at a national conference nails it on the head.  And here's Albert Mohler's article, on that article, much of it repetitive.

World Mag - Discrimination also at NASA

NY Times - amazing rescue of 2 West Point cadets off a narrow cliff face.

Gumbo Lily has a gorgeous pic of Lemon Cloud Pie on this post. I've kept it open on my computer for a week, to remind me to make one!

The Pioneer Woman -- my sister sent me this blog to look at. I've never seen a housewife blog so BIG! It's like a blog mall, whereas my blog is like a little shop the size of your closet. Worth looking at, just for all the variety and pics.

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