Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some of Yesterday's Fun:

Since I took the girls to the dentist yesterday just before lunch time, Adam offered to make us all BLT sandwiches, so we could eat when we returned. I'll be brutally honest with you:  I'm not convinced there is a better taste in this world that a great BLT, with a cold glass of milk.  Homemade white bread, Wright's bacon, Kraft mayo, fresh tomatoes and lettuce.

Julia loves to play Clue. I think she enjoys the whole "mystery" element of the game, and the sneaking around the house looking for murder weapons and criminals just adds to the thrill. So, she decided to make her own personal copy of the game, with a few creative twists.  She made a "pocket size" set:
Here's the mansion, with some of her own additions. Note the police station in the middle of the house. Okay, so kind of odd. The rooms, starting from the upper left corner, going clockwise: Guest House, Kitchen, Dining Room, Master Bedroom (why do Clue games never include bedrooms?  Like houses don't have them???), Living Room, TV Room, Pool, Patio, a small Bathroom on the side, and the entryway. I like how colorful it is. No secret passageways however, which makes the traveling more challenging.
Then Julia began making her cards.  Below is the beginning of the "people" cards. She finished them, and colored them, and then did the room cards.  I like her people cards, because on each one, she decided to add an element of "hiding" or deception:  Mrs. Black (her original addition to the crowd) wears a veil.  Miss Scarlet has colored her hear, Professor Plum wears tinted glasses and a beard to conceal himself, Mr. Green wears a turtleneck to hide a scar on his neck, and Mrs. Peacock wears a large hat to hide a balding spot. (That one made me giggle. Where does she come up with these things?)
When she'd finished it all, she tucked it neatly inside a used Altoids box, with a die. I hope she gets a chance to play with it!


  1. I have to say, that sandwihch looks like heaven itself...

  2. Nothing like a BLT-- I agree!
    The Clue game is too cute!!!


  3. I'm way behind in reading blogs. Tell Julia that Lesley's sister made a clue game for her family for Christmas based on their childhood home. All the rooms were from their home, and the weapons were familiar objects, and the people were the 6 kids. I'll bet Julia could do something like that with your family. You could email Lesley and ask if she has pictures Julia could see. She'd love it.


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