Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Bees Are Comin'

This week, Adam ordered his new bees.  He ordered four hives, and four queens.  They'll arrive later this spring, just in time for the first big flush of spring blooming, which bees love.
So, it's time for him to clean up his bee furniture, and prepare a tidy home for all of them.
All three of his hives from last year died off.  One was driven out by invading ants; one was attacked by wax moths; one starved to death (sniff!). All the hive boxes need to be cleaned, but the frames with the dead wax moth larvae especially needed a thorough cleaning.

Sandy enjoyed lying in the sun on these cool winter days.

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  1. who knew you could order bees in the mail, do they have a catalog?! :) sounds pretty SWEET to me!


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