Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh, that weather!!

It seems about 90% of my friends are on Facebook, howling about the awful weather! Well, friends, here's an encouraging thought for you:
Close your eyes, snuggle your turtleneck and thinsulate around your shivering skin, and recall the days gone by, on the beach, when you were warm all the way down to your bones.

Or perhaps you're longing for a day that looks like this:
Imagine yourself spread out on the grass -- grass that smells like it's baking slowly in the hot sun. The breeze is muggy and sleepy. The sunlight is playing little games on your closed eyelids.

However, after these day dreams, I'm afraid some of you will wake up to this:
The only solution for that, is to make hot chocolate, and stay indoors. And if your car really is encased in ice and up to its eyeballs in snow, then call that unreasonable boss of yours, and tell him you can't get there!

Meanwhile, here in central North Carolina, the sun is shining on my plants.  The high today should be almost 60ยบ.
And sometime this summer, remind yourself of how much fun you had in the snow!

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