Friday, February 18, 2011

Warre Hives

As promised, here are more pics of Adam's work on his bee furniture. Here, he glues up the sides of a new box:
He's made quite a few boxes.  Actually, I think he mis-counted, and now has more than he'll need at first, but I'm sure he'll use them eventually. These will be Warre hives -- those cute, narrower hives with adorable roofs.
One stack of boxes. The frames aren't inside yet.
He's saving his wood shavings.  They're useful in the bee boxes, for absorbing extra, unwanted moisture. Moisture in the hives can kill bees in the winter.
This is an interesting piece of bee furniture that he made last year. These are grafting cells for breeding new queens. Eventually, Adam wants to sell not just honey, but bees and queens. There's good money to be made in that area.

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