Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To the Snowy Tundra and Back

Adam and I flew to Iowa (again) over the weekend. We went through the Detroit Airport, and found this:
Pretty cool tunnel! The walls glow and change colors.
The clouds looked solid enough to walk on.
Alert:  This is NOT a typical Iowan barn! Most of them were beautiful, painted, well-maintained.  This dilapidated outbuilding did get my attention though.
Snow? Oh yeah, there was snow.
The Reformed Presbyterian Church where Adam preached.  These folks are old, dear friends, and it was so fun to visit with them again! When the kids were little, we spent many summer days together at camp.
The downtown square.  I should apologize for the total absence of "people pictures." I wanted to get photos of all our friends there, but I never remembered to take the pictures, when the time arose. Sigh.  Plus, it's still kind of weird to me to tell people to pose for a picture, and add, "It's for my blog." I can do it to my kids, but it's hard with other people.
Men, ice fishing. When I described the activity to Julia, she laughed. She thought I was kidding.
Iowa means big sky, great sunsets, and flat horizons.
Their church is really peaceful.
Adam & I stayed with the most wonderful young couple -- married less than a year, just bought a new home, expecting their first baby. We enjoyed them immensely. They bought the home from a lady who did ceramics, and this is the towel holder in the bathroom -- isn't it priceless?  I LOVE it!
The Iowa River, frozen over:
I was enchanted by this tiny town, with its miniature town hall. The white sign also indicates the Cotter Bank was in this building, in 1902. I was told that Cotter, Iowa is in the World Records Book for being the only town which has only a single road for ingress and egress.
I couldn't resist this pot of flowers on my hostess's morning windowsill. She says they're plastic.
But the beauty is real.

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  1. Hey! I live in Iowa. :) I recognize that snow. HAHA


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