Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hungerin' for the Blogasbord

The Egypt Warnings Obama Ignored -- Excellent article. I must admit, I found it a bit disconcerting.

Toilets in Cambodia -- In this nation, people are about twice as likely to own a mobile phone, as they are to own a toilet. Read at your own risk.

British Multiculturalism Has Failed -- Mr. Cameron echoes what Germany's Merkel said last year -- allowing ethnic groups to be isolated from the broader culture is having a devastating effect.

U.S. Gives Mixed Signals on Egypt -- We should at least be decisive.

Google Art Project -- What a fun site! Tour art exhibits at various big time galleries and museums.

Earth From Above -- aerial photography by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Gorgeous, huge photos. Loved this.

Living Standards in Our Economy -- This was a useful refocusing for me -- our living standards are still extremely good.

Obamacare, and One of Its Weakest Points -- This article was very helpful in understanding why the absence of a "severability clause" in the health care bill is so important, and what this absence means for justices examining it.

And finally,

Letter to a Young Calvinist, from a Young Arminian -- Perhaps only those of you who are familiar with these groups, and their beliefs, would appreciate this blog post from a woman who is (at last) sick and tired of the online beating she's gotten from her theological opponents. Hey, people -- I know this is breaking news, but the online forum world is a rather brutal place for debate. Enter at your own risk.  This blog post spurred a lively debate among some folks on Facebook. I personally would advise this lady to stop engaging in online debates that are clearly damaging and painful to her.  However, I was really read the riot act when I said that on Facebook.

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