Friday, February 25, 2011

Wet and Warm

I've been chilly in the house this morning, wrapped in a robe, rubbing my cold fingers together. Then I went outside -- oh my!  It was balmy, warm, and damp! It rained steadily overnight, stopping this morning about 7:00.

The forsythia, which never did fully bloom, sent out its greenery overnight.
Yesterday Adam started turning the garden beds. Peas on the left, lettuce on the right. He's not putting anything in yet, but the beds will be ready. The soil is wet and heavy. He's been adding mulch/leaves each year, so it's rich.
And he's decided to try his bee hives in a new location in the yard. They're closer to the house. Last year, we put them far in the back, because we were nervous to have them so close to the house, but they really don't bother anyone. And in this spot, they'll get more morning sun, and thus they'll be active earlier in the day.
He's leveling the bee table. If it's not level, the bees will make oddly-shaped comb.

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