Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Return to the Park

Finally, the weather warmed enough for Julia and me to return to our favorite park, a long shoestring of trees and stream, a path winding through its middle.
It was a great opportunity to get some pics of Julia, who is usually a little silly on the other side of the lens.
We took Sandy, of course.
I think Julia is turning into a pretty young lady. She's certainly a dear, and bright as a button.
We found a leaning tree,
and decided to pose one of these pictures:
Sandy resisted participation in the slide, but Julia insisted.
I love the trees.
She's not often this serious.
The trees overhead crackled and groaned at us ominously. What a sky!
Julia couldn't resist the creek.

These are perfect moments.


  1. I loved going on your walk with you.

  2. Yes. Cling to them!

  3. Looks like a fabulous walk..... :) Thanks for taking us along!

    She's growing up to be a young lady.....


  4. That path looks like a poem. Can you tell I am catching up on your blog today?


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