Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Of Cardinals and Croutons

We have a yard full of cardinals.  They are active, flitting around in pairs. They drive Sandy crazy. Here are three males, perched in my Lady Banks rose bush. It's a favorite nesting location, later in the spring.  Perhaps they're placing dibs on it?
And three more males, pecking in the grass.  There are many, many more. It's really fun to watch them in the mornings.
Last night, Adam made this chef salad, as I said.  It had: romaine lettuce, green onions, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, citrines, boiled egg, avocado, carrots, orange bell pepper, grilled chicken, tomatoes, and croutons that he made from his leftover country loaf bread, on Sunday. Squirt some ranch dressing on it, chop it all up, and yessiree, it is a delicious meal!
Here's a fuzzy pic of the croutons.  They were a little "zippy" for me, but I must say that home-made croutons are the best.
I thought a picture of a human or two would be nice.  Peter said that he would prevent me, however, and every time I tried to take a picture of the men-folk, Peter gave me this face:
I promise, he wasn't grumpy!  I must have gotten about five pics of that "look."  Haha - he would laugh every time, afterward.
Finally (with two math brains at the table) supper degenerated into pre-calculus, and Peter couldn't get his scowl going:
(You see Adam cleaned up everything but his peppers. We kept slipping the onions onto his plate.)
At last -- I got a picture of Peter working.
When the men start talking integers and variables, we women take the dishes to the kitchen, thank you very much.

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  1. Cardinals are my favorite. I like them more for their song than their beautiful red markings.


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