Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Week of Crochet

I've never crocheted so much in only four days! I'm stocking up merchandise for the Saturday market. I finished these smittens first.
Then I started in on this fabulous snuggie (neck-warmer). It's a scarf that doesn't have the extra 3 feet to get tangled in your coat/hair/hat/chair/elbow. Just enough to keep you neck warm, fasten at the front with a flower, and look gorgeous. Seriously -- you can't tell from the photos, but this yarn is to die for. It is so beautiful. The autumn colors rippling through in this "grit stitch" pattern was a winner!
The flower:
The grit stitch:
It's just so rich, and I had the perfect eye-lash yarn as an accent on the ends. (Yarn used: Patons Classic Wool, Lotus color, 100 grams)
Today I finished this snuggie.
A little closer. This white yarn is so creamy, silky looking. (Yarn used: Loops & Threads Country Loom, Warm Cream color, 140 grams. Also Bernat Boa eyelash)
I also made another "smuff" to cover ears. This is the bobble stitch, using Caron Simply Soft yarn.
This pair of smittens is also made with Loops & Threads Country Loom, Rich Blues color.
And one last pair of smittens:
I'm not done yet! I'm making more soap pouches now, to include in my gift bags of soap. I only have one bag left, so must restock.


  1. That Autumn garland is so beautiful it should be hanging on a Thanksgiving door! Must try that bobble stitch- is it hard?

  2. Mags, it's NOT hard. I don't think it is, once you get the hang of it. It's very repetitious, but it looks great. The post where I show you how is called "The Bobble Stitch Ear Warmers." It's located in my October posts, if you go to the right sidebar, and click on October, it's down there. Give it a try!

  3. Brilliant. Love the colors and textures you use, making everything extra special. Way to go! :)

  4. Is the harvest snuggie the one you want to keep? I love it!


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