Friday, October 21, 2011

Autumn Walk

Our cold front arrived. Yesterday was cool, breezy, and sunny. I told Julia, "It's time for a walk!"
These mountains have so many different faces. I love this one: autumn color sprinkled like cinnamon on the hilltops, ribbons of sun and shade interwoven across the scape, a mottled sky that belies the strips of sun.

We took Sandy, who had to sniff every leaf.
"C'mon, Sandy! Let's go!"
We live in such a beautiful place! This is right outside my parents' front door, yet I go for days without noticing it.
Julia snatches a hug from Sandy. And yes, her toes were cold on this walk; she could only find flip-flops.
One of our neighbors builds these split-rail fences, and they just make the scenery around here. He does a fine job.
Light and leaves ~
Sandy stands at attention. Julia is just out of the frame, pretending she holds something enticing in her hand. Dogs are so easily fooled!
"Wanna run, Sandy?"
There they go!
We found a massive leaf. Julia prefers to hide from the camera ....

Another neighbor has been drilling for a well for several days. What a piece of machinery!
The neighbor who builds the fencing also built this bench (or his wife did - I forget which - they're both so talented!). It sits right next to the mailboxes and is designed for relaxed retirees to visit with each other of an afternoon, while sorting through the junk mail.
Julia and I returned home to a place of warm, buttered pumpkin bread - yum!

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  1. Oh, Julia and Princess Sandy are SO cute!
    Sandy is just the right size, isn't she? I wish I could scoop her up!
    You DO live in a beautiful place!


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