Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Times!

Last night I enjoyed some sweet, sweet fellowship with some brand new friends, Walt and Carole. I've heard about this dear couple for many years, and finally got to meet them, and have supper in their home. They're fantastic!
During supper, I got a call from a dear, old friend, Cathy. She and I hadn't seen each other for 24 years. (Yes, you heard that right!) Well, Carole said, "Ask her to come over and visit here!" Cathy thought that was a great idea -- she came over and we had a wonderful time talking and sharing for the evening. I feel so refreshed, so emotionally "satisfied," after an evening with these dear friends.
I've had a great time at the college. I hope Peter has too -- he's caught a cold. I bet he sleeps all the way home today.
And just so you know that the old castle isn't the only beautiful building on campus -- this is Brock Hall:
And this is Probasco House, which holds the Admissions Office and the Alumni Office, my "home-away-from-home" whenever I'm here. They were having a little get-together on Thursday evening for all visiting parents.
A view of Chattanooga at dusk, from the Overlook:
They turned on the twinkle lights; the students were playing games, making music and visiting on the front lawn. I tell you, the Overlook is so much nicer than it was 30 years ago. Back then it was rather overgrown and kinda scary to walk down to.
A firepit always makes things more fun --
The view off the bluffs, along the mountain's spine. You can see the cold front approaching. I love watching the sun graze the tips of the far peaks, each morning.


  1. thanks for these lovely photos. i have not been back to the mountain since we moved 26+ yrs ago! barry has though.

  2. You're welcome, Donna! It's still such a beautiful place.

  3. Cool new blog look and nice pictures! So nice to see Walt and Carole in your pics. Loooooong time old friends. We all could tell you a few things about each other!


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